Stuffed Halloween Peppers
Stuffed Mexican peppers with a Halloween twist. Read more
Banana Ghosts and spooky pizza bites
White Chocolate Banana Ghosts & Spooky Pizza Bites. I had lots of fun making these treats, they are really simple and great to do with the kids. Read more
Pear and banana bread
Pear and banana bread is a lovely sweet treat for you and your family. It's lovely served warm or cold with a drizzle of maple syrup. 😋 Read more
Healthy Tuscan Bean Soup
On the cold winter nights, I love to snuggle in a big blanket, with a pair of thick comfy socks and a good bowl of soup. Read more
vegan pancakes
These are the BEST pancakes I have ever tried. They are really easy to make. I like to top mine with vegan chocolate and banana. Read more
Pizza with onions, mushroom, olives and sweetcorn
It's really easy to make a pizza at home, it only takes 30 minutes, that's including the base and the sauce. I like to use fresh ingredients that contain no added sugar. Read more
Sweet Potato Curry
A delicious and healthy curry which you can easily adapt to your own preference of taste and spice. I came up with this recipe when I first adopted a plant-based lifestyle 5 years ago. I wasn't a fan of tofu or Quorn products, I thought why not try sweet potato Read more
Curry Paste
A really quick and simple recipe for that perfect curry. Read more
Vegan Naan Bread
Vegan naan bread is really simple to make and super tasty. Read more
Dog blowing out candles on a cake
Are you looking for a cake for your dogs birthday? Would you like something that is human and doggie friendly? If yes, then this is the cake for you. 😁 Read more
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