Almond Milk
Almond milk is really simple to make. It's the perfect milk for your breakfast cereals or smoothies. Read more
oat pulp peanut butter and banana cookies
These cookies are a brilliant way to use up your leftover oat pulp from making your oat milk. Read more
Overnight Oats
I love overnight oats, it is my favourite breakfast. Overnight oats is a simple healthy breakfast that you can make in advance ready for your morning. You can adapt to your taste by adding your own toppings. Read more
Oat Milk
I love to make oat milk, it’s really easy and cheap to do. 1 litre of homemade milk costs me 15p per make and it can be even cheaper depending on how much you pay for your oats. I like to buy organic oats which cost me £1.45 for a Read more
Energy Balls
Energy balls are one of my favourite healthy snacks and they only contain 3 ingredients. They are full of protein and are great for when you need an afternoon pick me up. They are also delicious as a grab and go breakfast. Read more
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