One day I was speaking with a group of friends about meals, it was mentioned that some recipes can be long-winded, hard to follow and contain a lot of ingredients. This is when I came up with the idea for Really Simple Recipes. I want to show people that it’s easy to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

About Me

My name is Emma, I worked as a craft baker for many years. I’m a food enthusiast and mum to a beautiful fur baby Newton.

Ive been on a plant-based diet for 5 years, vegan for 3. When I first switched my diet I did say I was vegan but thinking back I wasn’t, I still used products that contained animal ingredients. Now all my products are free from animals, I now live for the animals 🙂

I suffered greatly with anxiety and depression, I needed to fix myself, I didn’t want to mask it with medication. So I started to look into food. I watched a couple of documentaries – Fat sick and nearly dead, Forks over knives and this was when I realised how much food was impacting my lifestyle. This was a life-changing moment, there was no question about it, I was going plant-based. This was the start of a new journey and an amazing one.

5 years ago the options for plant-based food in supermarkets were limited. If I wanted a meal I was needing to make it from scratch. So I needed to put the effort into my meals and experiment with different flavours. It was like I was tasting food for the first time, my taste buds came alive. I was someone who lived on pizza, sausages, and chips. Now I eat so much variety of food and I feel so healthy. My mind feels clearer, my body is full of life, I dropped nearly 3 stone in weight and the most important thing I’m happy.

It has been an amazing journey and it’s still going. For example, I’ve only recently discovered black salt and the amazing benefits. My mind is always being excited by new food and ideas.


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