tomato soup
Spice up your Christmas dinner with this simple starter that can be made in advance. Read more
garlic Mushroom parcels
Spice up your Christmas dinner with this simple starter. Read more
How to make a vegan Christmas wellington
A festive wellington is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas dinner. Not only is it delicious, it's really easy to make. Read more
How to make healthy mince meat bars
Spice up your mincemeat and try something new. They are a yummy alternative to mince pies They contain no unhealthy fats and they are also gluten-free. Read more
How to make mincemeat
This recipe is so simple, there is no waiting around for weeks for it to mature. You can make it today and use it today. Your kitchen will smell heavenly. Read more
How to make vegan mince pies
Wow your friends with these mince pies. They are so simple and delicious, each bite warms the soul with the very essence of Christmas. Read more
A bowl of hummus with a side of cucumber and carrots
I love hummus, it goes with nearly everything. I like to have it on my sandwiches, as a dip for my carrots and cucumber or I have a good dollop on my salad. Read more
Pumpkin Puree
You can make some lovely sweet recipes with pumpkin puree. And not only is pumpkin good for us, but it's also very nutritious for your dogs. I like to freeze some pumpkin puree portions, especially for my boy Newton. Read more
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Roasted pumpkin seeds are really easy to make. They are great as a healthy snack or you could use them as a topper for your pumpkin soup. Read more
A bowl of pumpkin soup decorated with pumpkin seeds
There is nothing better than whipping up a batch of pumpkin soup. It warms the soul and offers comfort on those cold winter nights. Read more
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